OBN, as he is known in the forums, the godfather of modern Excal upgrades and supreme old gold hunter. Perhaps few understand the true limits and potential of the Excalibur as well as OBN, even fewer yet knowing how to exploit those limits and that potential with maximum efficiency and results. While others are chasing recent drops OBN is off somewhere on his own in pursuit of gold by other method, the end results a very strong testament to the consistent success he experiences. So what is he doing differently and what can we learn from it?

OBN has figured a few things out that make a huge difference, those main differences being that he has learned how to locate promising areas and then he has figured out how, and when, to access the gold that is still deeply hidden in these ares. These are just two of the reasons why he is so efficient and why he experiences consistent success, his understanding of the Excalibur and his personal skills with it raising the bar even higher. He is just one of the hunters I have quietly studied in recent years, the bits and pieces of information he provides being slowly absorbed and taken to heart and it HAS made a noticeable difference in my own hunting success. But what, exactly, have I learned from OBN?

Actually the list of things that I have quietly learned from OBN is rather long, some of it technical and some of it strategic, all of it priceless knowledge gained from typically quiet observation and the process of simply putting it to the test time and time again. It’s the process of failure after failure eventually leading to success. It takes time, period!

So last evening I experienced it again, what I have come to call, “an OBN moment.” I can best explain this by simply telling you that this hunt was one of many in recent weeks where I was only looking for those same type of potential areas that OBN routinely seeks, quaint isolated locations that have been covered over in time and that haven’t been hunted to death. Finding these locations is difficult enough but accessing them can be even harder, and yet, they are out still out there for those who are willing to take up the challenge and to learn the required skills.

A hundred years ago people were swimming at this isolated beach, this activity slowing over the years to little more then a trickle, the hard clay and stony bottom now covered in silt with a scattering of encroaching weeds, targets still laying everywhere. Trashy? Yep, a lot of it, but also more good tones then I could keep up with even with the stock 8” coil. But this alone wasn’t that OBN moment, many tones under my coil being purposely passed over for now in search of a select few. That first Mercury dime providing me that first OBN moment, then came a few wheaties and I knew I had found one of those very promising areas. No doubt there will be old gold here and other worthwhile recoveries, this first short hunt and confirmation now allowing me to form the best strategy possible for my return visits. This is just some of what I have learned from OBN in my quiet study of the man and his methods. And it’s not the first time this year that I have found such locations, that amount and quality of targets driving home the reasons why he chooses to hunt in the manner that he does.

(I had to clean a couple of coins for this image as most are too black to see any detail, as is typical with coins recovered from old beaches.)


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