Yes, the Drayton method employed with the Excal is in sharp contrast to the OBN style of hunting, and yet, it can be equally as effective in its intended environments. In fact, it’s this Disc mode of hunting that lead me to the employing of the silent mode method of hunting, a method that all but silences all of the typical chatter and threshold noise in the headphones so even the weakest of returns can still be heard. This is the method I rely on now when hunting extremely trashy areas, this method allowing me to better isolate the front edges of all of those quick and faint chirps, barks, and otherwise broken tones.

In essence Mr. Drayton is achieving similar effect in his disc mode method of hunting, with the right settings he is maximizing the potential depth and sensitivity of the disc mode of operation without the loss of the disc mode tonal range. Second, he is increasing his chances of hearing many of those faint and weak returns that other disc mode hunters simply miss due to all of the noise in their headphones, the front edges of those returns being lost in the constant noise and transition, something that happens frequently whenever partially masked targets or extremely weak returns are encountered.

Initially most hunters are “one pass” hunters by nature, that first response typically dictating their reaction to target encounters. However, what they are actually hearing on that first pass may not be accurate because those leading edges I spoke of are frequently never heard. This is where Mr. Dryton capitalizes on his method because he can accurately hear them, this leading to further investigation of the true potential of these weak and faint returns. This is what I learned after employing the method for myself for an extended period of time and in certain situations I have come to rely on it now because it does work with great effectiveness. And if you still doubt this method then it might be worth noting that even Clive Clynick thought enough of the method to reference it in his book, “Advanced Field Methods for the Minelab Excalibur: Theory & Practice.”

Personally, in the environments that I now hunt, I have found both the OBN method and the Dryton method to compliment each other very well, both serving various situations with maximum efficiency and performance and especially when used in conjunction with each other. This combination of methods allows for maximum depth, maximum sensitivity, maximum target awareness, and maximum target separation capabilities, especially when encountering trashier environments where masked targets are more likely. Of course to use either of these methods with the best efficiency it requires that the Excalibur be fully modified, which both hunters readily accommodate.

Cheers!…and as always, good luck and be safe out there.


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