Nothing but sand and water, and I do mean nothing. When the hunting is slow like this it can feel like we’re aimlessly roaming an expanse of endless desert, “is this thing even working?” A quick check and, yes, the detector is still working. So where’s all the targets?

One inch, that’s really all it takes to hide what we’re looking for, miss that one inch of sand and water and you might very possibly miss out on that hidden gold or platinum ring. I just experienced this again during yesterday’s morning water hunt, after several passes through a small area of water without so much as a bobby pin to show for it I passed through this same area once more on my way out of the water and BINGO! How I had missed the 10k gold and diamond ring during my prior efforts is simply because I had never gotten the coil over it during those prior passes.

Take a collection of desired recoveries and measure them, this should illustrate the importance of good coverage as nearly all of those desired recoveries are under 1 inch in diameter, turn them at an angle and they grow even smaller. This is why good coverage is always important, because it only takes an inch to miss those hidden treasures by a mile.

Cheers!…and as always, good luck and be safe out there.


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