So I just got back from the local Coinstar machine for the forth time this year, my coin count once again right at 2000 coins, so this makes around 8000 coins for the year so far. Sounds incredible, I know, but it’s really not. Now stack the unknown number of other recovered items onto this count and it easily exceeds 10’000 holes in the last 7 months, (since the first of February, or thereabouts.) “Really! I’ve dug that many holes!” It’s a wonder my shoulder and knees and back don’t need replaced….lol

So when we do the math this comes to around 47 holes a day, or roughly 330 holes a week, now it’s not sounding quite so crazy as before as this is only about 6 holes per hour if we put in an 8hr day. But in reality this is more like 4 days a week and 6-8hrs a day, so say somewhere between 10-15 holes per hour, which is starting to sound rather high again, but is it, really?

I guess it all depends on where you’ve been hunting. Me, I’ve spent most of my time either in very populated environments with long and popular histories or in the water at either very busy beaches or over very old and once very busy beaches. So, in other words, I spend a great deal of my hunting time in areas where targets have had either a long time to accumulate or where targets are constantly being replenished. This helps to explain a great deal of the high recovery count.

Per example, tonight we have plans to go to two beaches, the first being a rather expansive beach with deep sand that is typically busy but also quite clean, ideal conditions for the larger coil. However, the second beach is just the opposite, very small, very old, very crowded, and very trashy, the type of place I find myself routinely hunting. At this type of an area I use the smaller coil and I’m often chasing those “might be” and “could be” returns that frequently turn out to be “darn’it digs.” But I have to chase these iffy returns due to all of the trash and the constant masking of potentially good targets, so in these environments I am constantly digging, often chasing and discovering and recovering targets upon targets, the reason why my recovery counts in these type of environments is so high.

Is there anything of value that one can take away from this article? Perhaps there is. I guess it just depends on how each hunter views things. However, I can tell you this much, when we consider all of the gas, batteries, entry fees, etc., my Coinstar counts have been paying for most of it. And what about all of those other recoveries that never see the Coinstar machine? Rings, chains, watches, tokens, pendents, older silver coins, etc., etc.

Cheers!…I hope this article helps, and as always, good luck and be safe out there!


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